The network society in the 21st century is facing enormous challenges, such as polarization and inequality. Various social problems caused by them are so complicated and multifaceted that they must be addressed with integrated academic approaches. We, “The Network Society – a Social Integration and the Future of Democracy in Korea” research team examines diverse social phenomena in terms of herding, polarization, inequality, etc., in order to suggest their socio-political implications and solutions. As our team consists of researchers from many different academic fields like political science, sociology, communication and information studies, physics, and mathematics, we perform interdisciplinary studies based on three theoretical framework; Identity, Public opinion and participation, Checks and balances.

Since 2013, our team has been conducting the second stage research of the Social Science Korea (SSK) project, funded by the National Research Foundation of Korea. Since then, we have come up with many notable academic outcomes by publishing great research papers, hosting the international conference, and so on. We will keep up our academic contribution by dissolving a pile of social problems related to network society, and in so doing, we will maintain vigorous academic activities.

Thank you.