The network society in the 21st century is facing enormous challenges, such as polarization and inequality. Various social problems, especially “post-truth phenomenon” caused by them are so complicated and multifaceted that they must be addressed with integrated academic approaches. We, “Making Citizen Smart for Community in a Post-truth Society” research team examines diverse social phenomena of the digital era, including the phenomenon of “post-truth”, in which objective facts and evidence are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal beliefs. As our team consists of researchers from many different academic fields like political science, sociology, communication and information studies, physics, and mathematics, we perform interdisciplinary studies based on three theoretical framework; Identity, Public opinion and participation, Checks and balances.

Center for Digital Social Science (CDSS), which began in 2013, has gone through the “Social Science Korea (SSK) Project” phase and is currently in the first stage of the Humanities and Social Sciences Research Institute Project funded by the National Research Foundation of Korea. Over the past decade, we have not only published numerous research findings in prestigious journals but also engaged in interdisciplinary communication with foreign scholars, methodological innovations and education, development of educational materials such as guidelines for identifying fake news, policy advising, and various other roles.

As a central center for social science research in the digital era, we will consistently provide structural analysis and research agendas on social issues pertaining to this era.

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