마이클 메이시(Michael Macy) 교수 『Nature: Human Behavior』지 논문 게재

Research Highlights
2019-02-19 15:43
Professor Michael Macy, a co-principal investigator of CDSS(Center for Digital Social Science), has just published his research "Global Music Streaming Data Reveal Diurnal and Seasonal Patterns of Affective Preference" in Nature: Human Behavior.
Macy and his colleagues analysed a dataset of 765 million online music plays streamed by 1 million individuals in 51 countries to measure diurnal and seasonal patterns of affective preference. Their findings reveal similar diurnal patterns across cultures and demographic groups. Individuals listen to more relaxing music late at night and more energetic music during normal business hours, including mid-afternoon when affective expression is lowest. However, there were differences in baselines: younger people listen to more intense music; compared with other regions, music played in Latin America is more arousing, while music in Asia is more relaxing; and compared with other chronotypes, ‘night owls’ (people who are habitually active or wakeful at night) listen to less-intense music. Seasonal patterns vary with distance from the equator and between Northern and Southern hemispheres and are more strongly correlated with absolute day length than with changes in day length. Taken together with previous findings on affective expression in text, these results suggest that musical choice both shapes and reflects mood.